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On the Architecture without architects: Catalonia, America, Asia


Strategic objectives:


Ongoing research:

Vernacular architecture, an architecture without architects, substantially varies its morphology depending on the territory where it is derived from the culture of the way of life, the climate, the existing materials in its vicinity, the knowledgeable construction techniques of those who build it, … These research studies have been carried out and others are being developed in Catalonia, Spain, Europe, America, Asia or Africa. This architecture has a common denominator beyond its territorial origin, which is the rationality in the function that is carried out both inside and outside and its attachment to the landscape as if it were one more element of it. It responds in a very unanimous way to the laws of the landscape itself, which does not exist in the study of architecture without its context, producing a symbiosis between the two. The objectives consist of analyzing this architecture through a systematization that leads to obtaining different typologies and types that allow the analysis of development and the different stages of growth that derive from it. For this, it is necessary to carry out the survey of most of the buildings, the search for graphic documentation and the obtaining of photographic images. Another parameter to study is the contemporary use and the type of intervention to be carried out in this architecture to adapt it and keep it alive without losing its original essence or museumizing it.

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